Our Services

 Preventive Care Services:
 At your first visit, we will complete a detailed examination of your teeth, gums and mouth, in general. Our preventive services can include:
 - Regular check-ups and cleanings
 - Athletic mouthguards
 - Sealants
 - Fluoride treatments
You may have worn, chipped teeth. That can all be due to bruxism, or teeth grinding/clenching. You may be suffering from continuous headaches that could be related to that as well.
Dr. Ana has extensive knowledge in those issues and can determine the best treatment for you suchy as nightguards and anterior bite planes. Such worn and chipped teeth may also be affected by acidic drinks and foods that we ingest daily. Dr. Ana can determine if and what restorative procedures could be ideal for you.

Restorative Services:

 - Implant supported crowns, bridges and partial dentures.
 - Porcelain crowns
 - Veneers.
Gum Diseases / Periodontal Treatment
Gum disease is a common problem in our Country. When too much hardened plaque accumulates around the gum line of teeth, it can be very harmful as it can cause inflammation and bleeding of the gums, damaging the surrounding fragile ligaments that connect the teeth to the gums and bone.

We offer a non-surgical treatment called root planing and curettage that can help you maintain your oral health. We also in many instances, will use a diode laser to help sterilize the deeper pockets in conjunction with antibacterial medicaments.

Aesthetic Procedures:

 - Tooth colored fillings
 - Tooth colored conservative inlays and onlays
 - All porcelain crowns and veneers
 - Bonding
 - Invisible braces with Clear Correct

- Amazing no sensitivity in-office laser whitening with Sapphire
TM (from the makers of Lumineers)

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